Jade Liquid Body Wash

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Anyone who uses self-tanner knows the struggle of preserving your tan while cleansing your body on the regular. Achieving that fresh off the beach look is simple with our Californium Natural Self-Tanner, but maintaining it can be difficult without the proper care. Skinerals Jade Liquid Body Wash is free of SLS, and keeps your tan looking and feeling fresh.

Who Should Use It?

Skineral’s Jade Liquid Body Wash is designed for all skin types and ideal for cleansing your body, without stripping the skin's own natural moisturizers. If you are trying to preserve a self-tan, using a SLS-free body wash like Skinerals Jade Liquid Body Wash is a must! Our body wash gently cleanses the skin, without removing your tan. We only use premium natural plant-based oils, essential oil blends, fruit and plant extracts.


Not only is our body wash the best way to keep your tan looking top of the line at all times, but is also free of irritating detergents that can cause issues with your skin. Detergents are added to skin products so that they lather. While bubbles may feel like they are more effective, they actually do not help clean your hair or skin and are merely a by-product. The healthiest way to clean your body is with a natural body washes free of sulfates.

Why Use Skinerals Jade Liquid Body Wash to Maintain Your Tan?

Our SLS-free body wash consists of all natural ingredients like sweet orange peel oil, coconut oil, and aloe to gently cleanse your skin and keep your tan vibrant. Our all natural formula applies smoothly and gently onto the skin, and leaves your skin looking and smelling perfect!

For the best tan, use our accessories available, such as the padded microfiber applicator mitt, back wand, body scrub, and tan extender.

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