Exfoliator Mitt

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Use the Skinerals Tanning Padded Microfiber Exfoliator Mitt to help skin absorb our self tanner!

Most people have little time to spend outside lying around tanning, and many others live in regions that don’t provide such luxuries. This leads to pale, dull-looking skin. There’s something about a tan that rejuvenates your tone, giving you a nice gorgeous glow.

Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Mitt is designed for all skin types and is perfect for anyone who wants silky smooth skin.  It is ideal for use before applying self tanner.  Simply use with water, soap, or Skinerals Scoria Exfoliating Body Scrub to remove bumps, impurities, and ingrown hairs to achieve super smooth skin.  The smoother your skin, the easier it is to apply self tanner consistently and beautifully.


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