Skinerals is committed to your safety with authentic product verification

All of our ingredients come from the purest form of natural ingredients available. Our packing and manufacturing adheres to FDA standards of production and is MADE IN THE USA in certified GMP facilities. We know you are entrusting us with what you are putting on your body and it is our commitment to make sure you are getting the best possible product available for your health.

Skinerals brings you even more technology on your "One of a Kind" bottle

UniqueMark serial numbers Protect You- looking closely at your Skinerals bottle label, you will notice a QR code and a 6 digit serial number on the bottle. 
This serial number is a random generated QR code and is unique to your bottle. It is never duplicated and the information is proprietary to the brand. Just as you are completely unique, so is each and every bottle of Skinerals!

Why is this important and who cares??

In a world of "knock-off" products and counterfeit, beauty products are no exception to the rule and almost every single popular product on the market has been copied by a counterfeit artist using fake labels and ingredients. Consumers have absolutely NO WAY of verifying if their product is authentic or fake! Can you tell the difference between a Gucci purse or Rolex watch if it is real or fake? Hard for a decent graphics artist to duplicate a label? Not even close... We've seen and heard horror stories of fake products on the market of popular brands and what does the maker do to protect their clients? Most if not all makers ignore the problem and let you assume all the risk as a consumer! Retailers can't tell the difference between real and fake supplements and even many makers can't tell the difference because the counterfeit package and contents are so close in appearance to the genuine original.

Our unique serial number on each bottle is only used "ONCE" and never again. The information is kept secure and can never be used by a counterfeit artist as it would flag immediately if ever a serial number is entered more than once for verification.

Can't a counterfeit artist simply create fake numbers? They could, however when you check the number for authentication, it would notify you the product is a fake and not authentic. In which case you would contact us immediately.

This security stops these scoundrels in their tracks, and Skinerals has went above and beyond to keep our clients safe from an industry that hasn't done enough to protect you.

So feel free to check your serial number and peace of mind of knowing we made the highest quality and safest products on the market today!
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